viernes, 26 de mayo de 2017

The Circus Queue

This is a nice story about the good and the humility, translated and adapted by a friend from Spanish story El circo, which is in this link.

The Circus Queue

Jose and his dad were in queue to buy tickets for the circus. After a long wait, there was a family left between them and the ticket counter. There were 2 boys and 2 girls all less than 12 years with their parents.

They seemed to be poor. Their clothes were simple, but clean and well ironed. The children were very well mannered and all were lined up in the queue behind their parents. They spoke excitedly of the clowns, the elephants and other things that they were going to see. They had never been to a circus before.

The girl at the ticket counter asked the dad how many tickets he wanted. He replied happily,

“Please give me 4 tickets for children and 2 for adults, for taking my family to the circus.” The girl told him the price.

He went closer to the counter and asked the price again. 

“How much did you say?” The girl told him the price again. It was INR 500. 
Now the man thought, “how can I tell my family that I don’t have enough money for the tickets?”

Seeing this, Jose’s dad, who was also not very rich, took out a note of INR 500 and threw it gently on the ground. Picking up the note he said to the man, “excuse me sir, a note of INR 500 has dropped from your pocket.”

The man realized what had happened. He had not asked for alms, but still he appreciated the help in such an uncomfortable situation.

He looked at Jose’s dad directly in the eyes. Taking the note of INR 500 shook hands with him.

With trembling lips and a tear rolling down his cheek he said, “Thank you, sir. This really means a lot for my family and me.”

1. Why did Jose’s dad drop the note to the ground?

2. Why did the man take it from Jose’s dad?

3. What is the moral of the story?

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